Ophthalmologist verses Optometrist verses Optician

Unlike an Optometrist or Optician, an Ophthalmologist is a licensed Medical Doctor. ?Beyond four years of Medical school, Ophthalmologists enhance their specialized skill and training with a three-year Residency in Ophthalmology. ?Eye surgery is an essential part of this specialized residency training. ?Residency graduates are required to take a nationally administered exam to become Board Certified as an Ophthalmologist.

An Optometrist is a primary health care provider who specializes in the examination, diagnosis and limited treatment of certain eye disorders. ?Optometrists are NOT medical doctors but instead are highly educated individuals who possess an OD (Doctor of Optometry) degree and are licensed by the State Board of Optometry. ?Most Optometrists prescribe and dispense eyewear.

Opticians are neither Board Certified or specially Licensed by the State of Pennsylvania. ?They are neither Medical Doctors or ODs. ?Opticians are highly skilled individuals who make, fit and dispense eye glasses and contact lenses.

Opticians do not give eye exams nor do they make or write eyewear prescriptions.