Eye Injuries and the Importance of Protective Eyewear

According to experts, more than SEVENTY-EIGHT PERCENT ( 78%) of all eye injuries occur when people are not wearing eye protection.

Most eye injuries are easily preventable. ?Many eye injuries occur in the home or while doing projects in or around the home. ?Most of these injuries occur within a split second when someone is not using their better judgment. ?These injuries can arise from playing with a family pet, participating in sports or other recreational activities, splashing household chemicals, using a tool without eye-protection or simply rubbing your eyes when they are soiled with some foreign substance.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ?Most people believe that eye injuries are most common on the job; ?especially in the course of work at factories and construction sites. ?But, in fact, nearly half of all injuries occur in the home, caused by projects and activities such as home repairs, yard work, cleaning and cooking.?

According to Dr. Bene, the seriousness of the injury is not always immediately evident. ??The Doctor?s advice is?

  • If you get a chemical in your eye, it is important to flush the eye with water HOWEVER it is also important to go to an Emergency Room where a more thorough and complete job can be done to clean the eye and to evaluate the extent of injury to the eye.?

  • ?If you get a foreign object/body in your eye, you should have a trained professional immediately examine and remove the object and evaluate the damage.?

  • If you have received a blow or some other trauma to the eye, no pressure should be applied to the eye and the person should immediately have their eye and condition evaluated.

  • Persons wearing contact lenses who suffer pain, redness, discharge or reduced vision should immediately remove their contacts and see an eye professional.

  • Any person who has a red eye, eye pain or an eye that is pasted shut from discharge should seek immediate professional attention.

Eye protection should always be worn when working with tools, power equipment or when engaging in any activity where foreign objects, particles or debris can or might be thrown about or projected. ?This is particularly important when using saws or grinders or when working on over-head projects.

REMEMBER? ???Everyone gets one and only one pair of eyes.

Eye transplant or replacement is not an option!