Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment is a serious condition that occurs when the inside lining (retina) of the eye detaches or breaks away from the eye wall. ?Most frequently this condition arises from near-sightedness, family history (hereditary) or trauma. ?For some, the trauma can be as simple as riding a rollercoaster or falling down.

The most frequent symptoms of Retinal Detachment are increasing ?floaters?, flashing lights or a blind spot through which the patient can?t see. ?Any tearing of the retina (inside lining) should be immediately repaired to prevent detachment. ?A tearing of the retina will usually worsen if not repaired. ?A detachment (piece of the retina breaking away) is harder to repair. ??Retinal tears can be easily treated in the Office of Advanced Eye Specialists. ?Retinal Detachments usually require microscopic eye surgery in an operating room. ?Dr. Catherine Bene has performed hundreds of these highly specialized procedures.

It is important to know that Retinal Detachment is not accompanied by pain. However, it is a serious condition that usually worsens if not treated. ?New or increasing floaters should never be ignored.